How much

Estimations of Website Design packages:

  • Standard package from: £420.00 – about 5 pages.
  • Pro package from: £620.00 – more than 8 pages.
  • Prices depend on how complexity of the project.
  • Price comparison – my prices includes very robust GoDaddy hosting, SSL security and Malware scanning, these are add-ons with many of my competitors.
  • All packages estimated costs include the first years fees for Hosting, SSL and website malware scanning. SSL and Malware scanning makes hacking much harder and limits the chance of a malware infection.

Ongoing fees:

As stated above the first years hosting is included in my prices, which I estimate to be about £220 and you pay direct to my chosen hosting provider, GoDaddy, but expect the 2nd year and ongoing years to be around 25% higher than the first year, because the first year is discounted.

Other ongoing fees:

Maintenance contracts:

If you maintain your website yourself there is no ongoing fee for your website from me, you hosting company will bill you direct. 

  • Unlimited updates (on a reasonable basis), £22 a month includes code updates.
  • Just code updates – I would update the WordPress core and plugins monthly for £5.00 a month on a standing order.
  • Text and image updates at £15 an hour or part there off.


I only host with quality hosting companies that have SSL (encryption for your websites data) and Malware removal. Saving money on Hosting fees is a false economy and costs more in the long term.


Unlimited Updates £21.00 a month.

Code Updates £5.00 a month on standing order.

Pay as you go text and image update £15.00 per occasion or £21.00 for a hour in one go.