Important Info and Frequently Asked Questions

  • I will only use hosting when SSL installed and Malware scanning and removal is available.
  • Customers need to be decide at the beginning If they are not going to manage the website themselves, pay me to do so, or not. As this impacts on what type of website they have.
  • A static website can only be updated by me.
  • A WordPress website can be updated by the customer via the backend portal.
  • There are responsibilities for having a WordPress website as this type of site needs code updates (Plugins, Themes and WordPress itself) to help protect against malware infection.
  • Before we pay for the hosting choose either a static website or a WordPress website. For best results different types of hosting are used for static and WordPress websites.
  • Sites with a gallery require WordPress and either self-management or a maintenance plan. The Website plugins, themes and WordPress core will need updating from time to time.

Question: I do wont need to update my content very often and want an easy to maintain website, which is best for me a Static or WordPress website.

Answer: Probably a static website as you will not need to update the code, however you will need to pay me to do updates for you.