Terms and Conditions – Important to Read

These are ongoing costs paid by the customer, however the first years fee is included in the Standard Package and Pro Package estimates.

  • Website Hosting
  • SSL is needed
  • Malware scanning and removal is needed

The Customer is responsible for monitoring emails from Godaddy telling them when they need to renew services and off an malware infection should one happen.

Websites do get infected by Malware and it is the responsibility of customer to contact GoDaddy by phone or via the Godaddy website to get the Malware removed. I can usually do this for you, providing you allow me ongoing access to your GoDaddy account and inform me if you receive an email from Godaddy informing you that your site is infected by malware. However there are times when I may not be able to do this and it is your responsibility to fix this type of issue.

The ongoing costs of a website (Hosting, SSL and Malware scanning and removal) will be about £280, a maintenance contract will be extra see prices.